Alexander 'Pawn' Peck

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Heya Fredrik,
Well done on the post ;) I really liked the use of gifs to easily give an overview of the features you’re talking about. Otherwise I think it would have been hard to visualize the avoidance behavior (or should I say beehavior :P). The game is also looking great btw, I really like the fluidity in the bees’ movement. But when it comes to the movement I do have one question. You explained that the bees select a point somewhere near them to move towards once they have reached their current “waypoint”. What I’m interested in knowing is if you did any checking to make sure that they won’t move off the playable area? I guess you can always call them back using the formation function though, so perhaps it’s an issue you guys chose to ignore? If you didn’t I’d love to hear more about how you accomplished that as I feel having all bees on screen at all times would add to the “belonging” theme of your game.

Either way, fantastic work so far. Keep it up :D
//Alexander ‘Pawn’ Peck

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