Alexander 'Pawn' Peck

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Hi Emelie,

Great article, nicely structured 🙂 Hearing about your previous experience while working without scrum versus what it’s like now when implementing it was quite interesting. But what really brought the post together was the fact that you also made sure to give a brief description of the basic concept of scrum so that anyone whom might stumble past your blog would still be able to understand what it’s all about.
One thing I noticed though is that you only seem to have good things to say about scrum. Personally I did have a few issues with it during my groups project. So therefore I’m a bit curious. Did everything just work out perfectly when using it? If so, that’s awesome 🙂 If not, I would have liked to hear a little bit about potential downsides you perhaps noticed.
Finally, this is just a pet peeve of mine. So don’t put too much weight into. It was a bit awkward reading a post that was all caps, seems like you’re screaming at me 😛 Just thought I’d mention it

All in all a good read, keep it up 🙂

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