Project wrap up - YMKTB

Look MOM! We made a thing!

Alexander 'Pawn' Peck

7 minute read

<p>Well, it’s been a long road. But here we are, the end of the line. My first game project with a group has now wrapped up as we had our final playtest yesterday. It’s been a crazy ride, but we made it (I had my doubts at certain points :P). I think it’s always a good idea to take some time to reflect when one has completed a big project like this one. So that is what this post is all about.</p>

The importance of playtesting

Learning by (watching other people) doing

Alexander 'Pawn' Peck

4 minute read

<p>Saying that playtesting is important for game development might seem like quite the obvious remark. And yeah, it kinda is. But the reasons it’s important isn’t always apparent to everyone. So I thought I’d talk a bit about what I’ve noticed while doing playtesting for my team’s current game.</p>