Alexander 'Pawn' Peck

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Hey Rasa,
Nice work on the article 😀 This seems like a great way to add some spice to the movement pattern of your enemies. I did have some questions though. First off, you mentioned that the enemies take the player’s position into account when following the pattern. How does this work with player movement? Do they recalculate the path continuously or is it set on spawn? And if they do recalculate, I’d love an insight into what happens if the player for instance moves past the enemy. Gah! too many questions! I’m definitely going to need to check out that book 😛
Finally, I’ve been doing some work with gizmos for implementations of some features of my group’s game as well. I totally agree that they can be great for quick visualization. However, when I’ve been using the “OnDrawGizmos” and “OnDrawGizmosSelected” functions they have only been updating while the game is playing. Is this also the case for you as well or have you found a way for it to update dynamically while the game is paused? It’d be great if I could get some info on how you managed this 🙂

Keep up the good work m’dude 😉
//Alexander ‘Pawn’ Peck

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